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Barre Classic is an open-level ballet-inspired full body workout that incorporates elements of Pilates, dance and functional training. We teach a fast-paced, rigorous and low-impact class where we sculpt, slim and stretch the entire body. No dance experience is necessary and beginners are welcome!


Core Barre is a dynamic workout featuring 30 minutes of abdominal work combined with another 30 minutes of the best of Barre! Core Barre uses the most effective exercises of both Pilates & Barre to tone abs and create a longer & stronger body.


Pilates with Props is an enhanced Mat Pilates class using props such as resistance bands, balls and Pilates rings to tone and lengthen muscles and develop deep core strength. The mindful movement of Mat Pilates is enriched by the use of props as we condition the entire body while integrating proper body alignment and breath.